Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swine Flu

In addition to having a regimen for Barrett's esophagus, I also have a regimen for swine flu. So far, not that much is known about prevention of swine flu, so my swine flu regimen is based on extrapolations from other data (i.e., studies about colds & regular flus or the immune system generally) . Nothing below is proven to prevent or cure swine flu and I am not selling anything whatsoever.

The goal is to promote the immune system while inhibiting a cytokine storm. If you have any questions about why I've included a particular item in my swine flu regimen, feel free to ask because I don't plan on explaining the regimen in future blog posts.

Over the past two days, I have conducted a test run for my anti-swine flu regimen. The timing was perfect as I had just started to feel the first effects of my wife’s cold. However, after unleashing the full power of my regimen, I emerged unscathed while she is still slightly sick.

Here's the regimen:
vitamin D 5000IU
vitamin C 6 grams (500mg every half hour)
green tea 5 cups
coconut oil 2 tablespoons
selenium 50 mcgs
zinc 25 mg
resveratrol 250mg
quercetin 200mg
sulforaphane 100mg
vitamin E 30IU
whey 2 tablespoons
glutamine 4500 mg
heavy cream 2 cups
turmeric 400mg
pomegranate extract 2 tablespoons
melatonin 6 mg
cimetidine (tagamet) 800mg (in divided doses)
I also use a neti pot.

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