Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Welcome to Barrett's Blog, a blog about Barrett's esophagus. Although I have no medical or scientific background, I have been interested in health and nutrition for some time. When I found out I had Barrett's esophagus, I become a little obsessed with finding ways to reduce the risk that it progresses to cancer. Thankfully, these days even a lay person can obtain research papers on Google Scholar, access which dramatically increases the returns to being a little obsessed with your own medical conditions.

Based on of my research on Barrett's esophagus and on general health and nutrition, I have developed a personal diet and supplement regimen that I hope will both reduce my risk of esophageal cancer and maximize my overall health.

I will describe my regimen in the next post and will update that post with any changes I make to the regimen in response to new information, with the result that the regimen I describe in the next post will always be more or less current.

The point of this blog is to post articles explaining my reasoning for each aspect of the regimen in the hopes that the process will help me to (i) organize my thoughts, (ii) attract expert critique of my regimen, and (iii) to share my research with you.

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