Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pure L-Theanine

As I mentioned in an earlier post, theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, should help reduce reflux by increasing GABA levels in the central nervous system. Because green tea also has caffeine, which inhibits GABA release, I decided to take pure L-theanine, available in pill form, to see if it would help my reflux.

I took 100mg L-theanine about 5 times (when I had reflux) over a period of two weeks. I stopped the experiment early because L-theanine seems to make me anxious and/or give me heart palpitations. It's not supposed to do that at all, so I'm not sure it wasn't just coincidence or imaginary. But, to be safe, no more L-theanine for me. Besides, based on my limited experience with it, I don't think it helped my reflux that much.

I'm going to move away from anti-reflux measures for a little while to focus on some core Barrett's esophagus chemopreventation strategies. I will return to anti-reflux measure after I complete a few more experiments. Stay tuned.

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